Wasa 1012 Foil Snips 7" Curved Blades
Wasa 1012 Foil Snips 7″ Curved Blades

These 7″ jewelers snips, or foil snips, with curved blades are used for light metal cutting in electronic, appliance, and other uses. Japanned. These snips have commercial finish curved blades and black enameled handles. They are forged, which makes the metal harder so the snips stay sharp longer. Imported directly from Wasa in Solingen, Germany.

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Wiss 605 Filament Cutter
Wiss 605 Filament Cutter

The Wiss 605 5″ filament cutters or filament snips were manufactured by Wiss in Statesboro, Georgia, USA. They are hot drop forged solid steel with commercial finish blades and black handles.

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